Reducing Risk and Positioning Your Company for Success

Learn from global business coaches Brad Giles, Juletta Broomfield and Ron Huntington in this special webinar addressing how you can reduce risk and position your organization for success through the current COVID-19 crisis, and other periods of uncertainty.

Choosing the Right Coach for Your Company

What should CEOs consider when hiring a Business Coach for their Company? Keith Cupp, CEO of Gravitas Impact, shares his expertise and his 4+1 rules of thumb on Choosing the Right Coach for Your Company.

Inspiring Accountability with Coach Ken Estridge

As a seasoned expert in business consulting, Ken Estridge knows that achieving accountability is often a difficult task for even the largest and most successful companies. Drawing upon his thirty-five years of experience, Inspire Accountability explores how employers can transform their businesses to attract and retain a workforce that is dedicated to owning their responsibilities.

7 Attributes of Agile Growth™ Assessment

The 7 Attributes of Agile Growth™ is a proven, practical and profitable framework for business growth that draws upon authors, thought leaders and market feedback worldwide. Developed through years of client and coach input, it uses a “best of the best” framework to accelerate the growth of the CEO, executive leadership team and company’s scale and profit. The 7 Attributes are a framework for agile growth, enabling companies to scale their leadership, culture and financial results when combined with the engagement of an experienced, certified premium coach. Get started today by taking the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth™ Assessment to see where your company falls in the implementation of the 7 Attributes, compared to other mid-market organizations worldwide!


"Thanks to the guidance of our coach, we are all aligned now. As a team, we do a much better job realizing our goals by aligning our day-to-day tasks with our long-term vision and values. Today, we speak in ONE language.”

Thomas Lundgren
CEO & Founder, The One Home Experience


"I continue to value and appreciate the education, the community, and the ever-evolving tools that enable me to achieve my personal and professional goals."

Mark Green
President & Founder, Performance Dynamics Group


“A huge and awesome shift has happened at UMFS within the past two years as a result of our Coach. When you have 375 staff all rowing in the same direction and contributing their gifts toward the greater goals, amazing things happen.”

Nancy Toscano
VP or Strategy, United Methodist Family Service