Is Your Organization Accountable?

Are you struggling to meet sales targets?

Does your leadership team miss quarterly or annual priorities?

When something goes wrong, is it a challenge to determine who ‘owns’ the issue?

Does your organization tolerate too many under-performers?

If ANY of these circumstances sound familiar, you are likely experiencing a lack of accountability in your workplace.

In Creating a Culture of Accountability, author and Gravitas Impact Coach Mark E. Green addresses this critical issue. “Regardless of industry, leadership tenure, culture or geography, my coaching colleagues and I routinely observe a lack of accountability as a foundational obstacle to profitable growth and scale in small and middle-market firms,” Green writes, “The best strategies and market opportunities in the world mean nothing if you’re not able to execute your plans and get things done.


The Issue of Accountability

Green became inspired to write this monograph after observing firsthand the staggering cost loose accountability exerts on organizations. Business leaders were all saying essentially the same thing: “Things aren’t executed in my organization the way they should. Goals are missed, teams and departments aren’t collaborating, and we keep adding more and more people to the payroll. Shouldn’t we be able to accomplish more with the people we already have?” Green asserts that these issues – and more – are solved by increasing accountability in yourself, in your leadership team and in your employees.

“A culture of crisp, rigorous accountability enables effective execution, retains high performers, repels low performers and improves the sense of collaboration, winning and fun in your business,” Green says, “This cycle drives a significantly higher employee ROI, giving you more resources and flexibility to scale – ultimately propelling you to attain your most professional and personal aspirations. With these outcomes in mind, the need to improve accountability in almost every organization is clear. This book shows you how.


Creating A Culture of Accountability

Creating a Culture of Accountability is a straightforward, practical guide with strategies and tools that Green has successfully implemented in organizations of all sizes in a wide variety of industries during his more than 16 years as a leadership and business growth coach. Green says, “You can facilitate an increase in the accountability of your organization using the free downloadable tools described in the monograph. There are also specific accountable and non-accountable behaviors outlined in the book that provide a behavioral roadmap to guide you and your team. I’ve also included time-tested coaching strategies to accelerate your implementation of accountability structure, process, behaviors and tools within your organization.”

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Creating a Culture of Accountability is the first in a series of monographs that Gravitas Impact is publishing on relevant, pivotal issues facing mid-market companies worldwide. Each monograph, written by one of our premium executive coaches, addresses one growth-limiting problem in fewer than 60 pages through succinct, easy-to-implement strategies, downloadable tools and client stories.


Mark E. Green

Mark E. Green

Gravitas Impact Coach

Mark E. Green is a strategic advisor and coach to CEOs and executive teams worldwide. He has addressed, coached and advised thousands of business leaders, helping them unlock more of their potential and teaching them how to do the same for their teams.

He is a Core Advisor to Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches, a mentor to coaches worldwide, and an active contributor to programs and content for their global ecosystem.

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