The 7 Attributes of Agile Growth®

Keith Cupp and Andy Warren


The most effective growth frameworks are Agile, Scalable and Comprehensive; untethered from “business by best seller” market forces, it must also evolve with research, experience and market results. The 7 Attributes framework is proven, practical and profitable.

Building an A-Player Culture

Jerry Fons and Graham Mitchell


Do you feel frustrated with your organization’s culture? Are you seeing drama, absenteeism, high turnover, sub-par work, or infighting? These are all symptoms of employee disengagement, and if they are present in your company—you’re not alone.

But this book is not about bad news. Quite the opposite. There is much you can do to improve your culture, and thus employee engagement. Even small shifts in engagement can lead to many excellent gains, that translate to the bottom line: less frustration, lower rates of turnover and absenteeism, higher productivity, and better margins—to name a handful.

As the CEO, it’s up to you to curate a culture that engages your team and inspires them to do their best work. In this monograph, we will talk about how to do just that. We’ll cover the ins and outs of how to build an executive team culture, and how to use simple, practical, and actionable tools to create an entire organization of A-players who deliver extraordinary results.

CASH, The Fuel For Your Economic Engine:
How 1+1+1=19 

Jeffrey Redmon and Adam Siegel


Cash is not about finance. Rather, it is a necessary commodity input for every business, just as diesel fuel is for the farmer’s tractor or aviation fuel for the pilot’s aircraft. It is in every operational step that cash is earned, spent, delayed, wasted, saved and preserved.

While most CFOs have established metrics, benchmarks and systems to count and account for cash, few companies use cash as a driving metric on their path to growth and vitality. We can only save nickels and dimes – the elements that ultimately add up to make a real difference in the business’s bottom line – on the front lines, not in the executive offices.

In this monograph, discover the tools and strategies you need to unlock the full power of cash flow in your organization.

Creating A Culture of Accountability

Mark E. Green and Glen Dall


Regardless of industry, leadership tenure, culture or geography, my coaching colleagues and I routinely observe a lack of accountability as a foundational obstacle to profitable growth and scale in small and middle-market firms.

The best strategies and market opportunities in the world mean nothing if you’re not able to execute your plans and get things done. Effective execution starts with crisp accountability, and you cannot scale your business without it.

A culture of crisp, rigorous accountability enables effective execution, retains high performers, repels low performers and improves the sense of collaboration, winning and fun in your business. With these outcomes in mind, the need to improve accountability in almost every organization is clear. This book will show you how.

Radical Alignment to a Core Strategy: Increased Net Income and Team Alignment

by Leigh Paulden and Hans Schulte

Strategy is an art that requires our passion and commitment to be truly valuable/powerful, we need to bring our best selves to develop it and for some business owners and operators, the building of a robust strategy can be a moment of truth as things finally start to truly align for the first time. This even applies to successful businesses where true scale and real freedom/fun have been elusive. Locking onto the right strategy and feeling it in your mind, your heart and your gut is a truly marvelous thing.

Executing with Excellence

by Ian Judson with Keith Cupp

In Executing with Excellence, Author Ian Judson shares the key principles, and his experience as a senior business coach, on how successful companies execute the “business of their business”. Beginning with addressing current impact factors on Execution, followed by a definition of Execution, Ian lays the foundation for the three key drivers of Execution: Setting Priorities, Measuring Data with Metrics, and Setting Communication Rhythms. Using examples, illustrative processes and sharing practical tools, Ian simplifies the challenges of Execution with clarity and insight. Included in the Execution Monograph are insights into the role of Talent on consistency and quality of execution; and framing the importance of Systematization through time in order to ensure Execution becomes routinized, consistent, and less expensive.