November 16-18, 2018

At the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel

Attendance at this session will count toward your recertification requirements for 2018.

Day One: Friday, November 16, Coaches and their clients are invited to join author and thought leader Jack Stack as he kicks off the Premium Leadership Event*, sharing his insights on The Great Game of Business. Also, on the agenda are Shannon Susko, Kevin Lawrence, Mark Green and Hazel Jackson, who will close out the day with a presentation on Multipliers® “Insights on the World’s Greatest Leaders.”

Day Two: Saturday, November 17, the “Ascending to Premium” Coaches event will benefit Coaches of all levels as they complete the Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches Assessment™ to determine their personal scores in the areas of NQ, AQ and EQ; then build their personal “Path to Premium” including personal action plans and goals in the area of our Brand Promise Measurement: Income, Freedom and Impact. The day will include opportunities to learn from premium coaches, small group interactions, and one-on-one discussions.

Day Three: Sunday, November 18, Reserve your seat for The Great Game of Business Pre-Certification Training with Rich Armstrong. This is the first step towards completing full certification. Space is limited.

Don’t miss this awesome learning event!

*Attendance at the Premium Leadership Event on Friday, November 16 will count toward your recertification requirements for 2018.

If you are working with a Gravitas Impact Premium Coach, please contact them for your registration information.