When is comes to messaging, simplicity speaks the loudest. Most companies miss the mark by overcomplicating their messaging, making it either too generic or overly technical and it’s a costly mistake.

When you tell the right story, you are communicating value and engaging the buyers emotions. More often, businesses lose profits and engagement opportunities by using leading with price and/or product vs their unique value. Focus on messaging to solve the problem and operationalize it across marketing channels that engage your ideal customers. leads to increased brand engagement, trust, loyalty and above all it will differentiate your brand.

Words matter.

Storytelling is your key differentiator, but first you must overcome the Heros Journey, and reverse the messaging from “We” “Me” “I” “Us”  to making the Customer your hero. Transform generic messaging into an engaging narrative and infuse authentic personality into your brand.

Be Authentic.

Use visual language. Infuse personality. Focus on what problem(s) you solve and explore what makes your business unique rather than leading with your products, services and/or pricing. 

Ask Questions.

Who is your customer? How do they think? What do they feel and what do they really want to achieve? The customer should be the main character of their story, and you are there to be a guide or helper in their journey and aid in their success. What familiar simple language can you use to help them in their initial journey.  The majority of messaging focuses only at the end of their “buyers journey”.



David believes a prospective “What you do” and “Why you do it” at every stage. Think your messaging accomplishes this?

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