This week we are joined by Brandon Dempsey, Author of Shut Up and Go, and Co-founder of St. Louis marketing company, goBRANDgo!, whose mission is to Empowergize People and Organizations with the innovation, imagination, and inspiration to see higher and be better.

Systemization around branding and operations is a big missing link in many organizations. The disconnect occurs when Marketing sets an expectation and there are no standard operating procedures systematized throughout the journey aligning the experience with the expectation.

Are you a Brand Generalist or a Specialist? “Generalists get talked to, and specialists get paid”. Systemization of the brand will create cohesion and connects customers with what the company “Specializes” in. Customers are willing to pay to solve their problems.

The Systems Attribute within the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth® IP framework is a key differentiator for Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches. Many mid-market companies, and coaching organizations don’t focus on Systems, and Systems are the key to scaling efficiently and profitably.

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