The 7 Attributes of Agile Growth™

Gravitas Impact is excited to announce The 7 Attributes of Agile Growth™, a proven, practical and profitable framework for business growth that draws upon authors, thought leaders and market feedback worldwide. It was developed through years of client and coach input, using a “best of the best” framework, with the goal to accelerate the growth of the CEO, executive leadership team, and the organization.

Keith Cupp, CEO of Gravitas Impact, shares the impetus behind the framework’s development. “Globally, the market lacks a purpose-driven, integrated framework of business growth for the mid-market. Coaches, authors and business gurus of varying credentials have proliferated worldwide, with some claiming their content as “one size fits all.” This has resulted in confusion for the CEO and their leadership teams, unintentionally hindering the development of healthy and impactful companies. The 7 Attributes of Agile Growth™ brings clarity to this confusion by providing the tools, community and resources for coaches as they work with CEOs to help their companies accelerate business growth with a purpose-driven mindset.”

The 7 Attributes collectively form a framework for agile growth, enabling companies to scale their leadership, culture and financial results when led by an experienced and certified premium coach. The 7 Attributes of Agile Growth™ stays current and relevant by evolving with real-time coach experience, market research and client feedback. Cupp shares, “Our organizational mindset is one of abundance, with the opportunity for every organization to thrive by helping companies and leaders succeed and make their impact on the world around them.”

At Gravitas Impact, coaches are carefully selected, trained and certified in The 7 Attributes of Agile Growth™, many of whom have been successful business leaders themselves. “We believe in a collaborative culture where many of our senior coaches participate in other certifications, training and organizations, thus enriching our communities’ intellectual DNA and value to Leadership teams,” said Cupp.

Gravitas coaches also work with CEOs to create an Agile Growth Roadmap™ to chart a successful path to scale, grow, and execute the 7 Attributes process using the tools, resources and community to address each of the following questions:


  •  LEADERSHIP: Is your leadership team authentic, healthy and aligned?
  •  TALENT: Do your leaders relentlessly pursue a culture of results & accountability?
  •  STRATEGY: Can your team state your unique and value-driven market position?
  •  EXECUTION: Do you have a visible, measurable set of priorities with action plans?
  •  PROFIT: Have you identified the vital few levers to optimize and accelerate profit & cash flow?
  •  CUSTOMER: Do you have a compelling customer promise and referral lifecycle?
  •  SYSTEMS: Do you have a technology, decision-making, and change management plan?


How do I get started? Click here for our FREE 7 Attributes Assessment and schedule a complimentary consultation of your results with one of our Gravitas premium coaches today!