This week we are joined by David Mann, keynote speaker, trainer, professional actor/director/storyteller and founder of the Simple Message. Through his tenure in theater, David learned the art of connecting with an audience. He is on the adjunct faculty of Loyola School of Law in Chicago and the National Institute for Trial Advocacy.

David offers insight into the costly mistake of generic and/or overly technical messaging. As a storyteller, he recommends exploring what differentiates them, and use uthentic, simple language to engage customers. The customer should be the main character of their story, and you should be there to guide them in their journey, and aid in their success. Discover what familiar simple language you can use to help them in their initial journey, rather than use messaging which generally focuses only at the end of their “buyers journey”.

David’s core purpose, his heart and soul, has always been with language expression. He encourages CEO’S to not be afraid of the ups and downs in their career and personal life. Life is not always about growth. Sometimes retreat has to happen to grow bigger with the next wave. 

David believes a prospective customer should know “What you do” and “Why you do it” at every stage. Think your messaging accomplishes this? Take the free assessment to find out. 

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