This week, we are joined by Nancy MacKay, CEO of MacKay CEO Forums, a high impact and low time-intensive peer group for over 1200 CEOs, Executives, and business owners worldwide. 

Nancy shares how she helps CEOS, executives, and business owners solve their toughest problems and maximize their best opportunities through peer learning and support. She is an author of several publications. Nancy shares her BIG IDEA she refers to as the “MacKay mastery model” for inspired leadership. She learned through covid that CEOs need a roadmap to inspire themselves every day. This roadmap is applicable well beyond COVID, in an ongoing manner for high performing leaders. For her, it was heartbreaking to see what was happening to CEOs, so during quarantine, she decided to write this strategy guide so that business leaders would have a roadmap and the idea of surrounding themselves with game-changers. The self-guide is available on her website

Nancy’s personal vision for MacKay CEO forums is to populate the world with inspiring leaders. Nancy shares her and her husband Rob’s journey of founding MacKay CEO forums in 2005, and some insights on the journey to success, which included some bumps, bruises and celebrations!

Nancy wants the listeners to know, do not suffer in silence. She has encountered all too many leaders who felt they could not find a path into the future, and in doing so, created their own prisons of misery. There are plenty of people out there that can help you clarify your purpose, what your passion is, what it is that will give you pure joy to jump out of bed every day.
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