Join us this week with Chip Espinoza, recently named a top 15 global thought leader on the future of work by the Economic Times, and co-author of Managing the Millenials, Millenials at Work and Millenials who Manage.

Espinoza addresses the disconnect between managers and the young professionals they manage, especially as these young professionals begin managing and leading teams of their own.

“If we don’t engage young professionals where they are, we’re going to miss out on the opportunity to develop them and transfer knowledge to them. If we wait for them to start thinking like us, we are not going to make it into the future.” 

The love language of young professionals is career development, Espinoza shares. And that’s a good thing. Espinoza believes that Millennials have the native ability to be good managers.

However, he adds, “The people with the most responsibility in an organization have to be the first to adapt.”

Through his years of research, Espinoza has found that “The most effective managers have the ability to suspend the bias of their own experience.” 

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